Specializing in mass-market entertainment, Alight brings fragmented audiences together by adapting content to new methods of presentation and social integration. Our intellectual property crosses media divides to maximize merchandising and is distributed through both traditional and new media outlets. Content is designed in preproduction with the intent of immersion, as well as in post-production, for maximum ROI.

Transmedia Storytelling: In order to develop our media franchise, Alight uses an overarching narrative structure to present compelling stories and characters across multiple platforms and formats.

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Alight Television (ALTV) features a wide range of quality movies, TV shows, documentaries, video trailers and more.  Our programs are distributed via Cable, Internet, Mobile (including: iPhone, IPod Touch, iPad Android, Blackberry) and OTT Providers.

Through distribution by simplyME, our national VOD channels provide quality programming to a wide-ranging, audience.  We offer great opportunities for content providers and advertisers.  Contact Us for details.

Alight will produce trade paperback books and other publications, with visualizations presented on Alight TV.  New fiction titles are scheduled for publication in 2021.

International book and ebook licensing: license for your territory and for firm and television.

Manuscripts are reviewed by query only.